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Security and threat, power and powerlessness, the clash of society and state power, interaction and isolation. The video works Double Bind and Threshold Barriers by Aernout Mik create haunting situations that open up questions. Valid frames of reference seem to be suspended, social parameters no longer apply. New dynamics and structures of authority and security are hinted at, but there is still a lack of clarity. And where does the individual stand and position himself or herself in these spaces and situations of transition? Katharina Dohm, curator of the exhibition, and Daniel Loick, philosopher and sociologist, explore these questions in their text contributions to the catalog. Based on Mik's spatial and video installations, the behavior and interaction of groups in different, even unstable social contexts is illuminated.



The catalog, designed in direct reference to the aesthetics of Aernout Mik's works, opens up very direct, immediate insights into Mik's video works and shows for the first time images of his latest work Threshold Barriers


CATALOG Aernout Mik. Double Bind / Threshold Barriers edited by Katharina Dohm, with contributions by Katharina Dohm and Daniel Loick, and a foreword by the director of the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt Sebastian Baden. German-English edition, 128 pages, 70 ill., 16 x 21 cm, softcover, DISTANZ Verlag, ISBN 978-3-95476-468-6, €24 (SCHIRN), €30 (bookstore).